Schoolzine Director, Phil Reardon, knew his 3rd party systems were costing him dearly

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System Integration puts Schoolzine on the global map.

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Sector: Education
Digital communication for schools and interactive parent engagement tools
Established in 2007


Schoolzine provides a platform for parent engagement that is used by schools, education departments and associations across three continents.


Five years ago, Schoolzine's Director, Phil Reardon, recognised their current IT model wasn't allowing the business to grow efficiently. They were using multiple systems for their sales, CRM and email distribution. All of these systems were operating separately and this was costing them time and money.


Phil contacted Amel for a discovery meeting. Schoolzine engaged BlueSky to develop their own custom systems.


Five years later, BlueSky are considered part of the team at Schoolzine. They not only created a platform that allowed them to manage the entire sales process in one simple system, but they went on to facilitate the systems that have taken Schoolzine global. Growing from 200 schools to 1200 schools, Phil estimates they are saving $40,000 per month thanks to the system developments from BlueSky.

How we helped

When Phil approached us to discuss building a custom system for Schoolzine, we immediately saw how technology could accelerate the growth of this business.

Schoolzine had multiple systems that were slowing them down. Add to this a 3rd party integration that was increasing in cost as they grew. It was clear from the start that custom systems were the way to go.

We began by developing a custom platform that they were able to use as a customer relationship manager (CRM) and sales management tool. From there we created an alternative email marketing system, which meant they could say goodbye to their costly 3rd party integrations.

Finally, we added additional functionality, which meant Schoolzine could offer more benefits to schools, including apps, online booking systems and event calendars.

Now, 5 years on, we work to support their inhouse technical team and are considered part of the Schoolzine family!

Discovery meeting
where we brainstorm possibilities
Develop custom platform
and support implementation
Provide ongoing support
and development as Schoolzine go global

Schoolzine save $40,000 per month thanks to BlueSky!

Schoolzine have grown from 200 to 1200 schools since developing their new system. Phil says they are saving over $40,000 per month and that figure is set to grow with every new school acquired!

Schoolzine have streamlined their processes, enabling them to cut costs through automation, while replicating their business model and expanding into global markets.

SchoolZine grew, so can you!

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