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Discover the story of our name, what it means and why it matters

Our story | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

New horizons

BlueSky is born from a desire to expand horizons, increase opportunity and open doors for organisations and entrepreneurs. Founding partners, Amel Holic and Rizal Farok, set out in business to push limits, foster innovation and free business owners from the limitations of outdated software, systems and off-the-shelf solutions.

What's in a name?

The name 'BlueSky' originates from a genuine expression used within the organisation:

"What's the blue-sky thinking from here?"

Blue-sky thinking refers to the activity of creating original ideas, pioneering concepts and achieving shifts in conventional thinking. It's the basis of everything they do and speaks to the open sky of possibility that characterises their work.

BlueSky aim to go beyond custom web development and programming to create innovative solutions for both for new ideas and existing problems. The team have a rare gift, being in the detail and seeing the bigger picture simultaneously, which allows them to add an uncommon depth of thinking to their work.

The Yin and Yang of web development

Amel and Rizal are both accomplished developers, having been operating their respective fields for some time before joining forces. In fact, it was back in 2006 that their paths first crossed when they were working for the same organisation developing custom web solutions.

They are the Yin and Yang of web development with Amel as lead back end developer and Rizal lead front end developer. As their employer grew to become Western Australia's largest custom web development, Amel and Rizal decided to start their own venture focusing solely on custom solutions.

Changing times

Custom development is an exciting and ever evolving industry, and Amel and Rizal thrive on this constant growth. Since opening their doors they have expanded their services beyond websites to offer mobile apps, beacons, VR and other cool things, but their core mission remains the same – to build new and innovative products that solve problems.

From Sidra Blue to BlueSky

Amel and Rizal have each retained their original specialities, Amel focusing on business requirements, scoping and back end development, while Rizal focuses on user interfaces, user experience and usability.

As the business and team have grown around them, the variety of services has also changed, prompting a name change, from Sidra Blue to BlueSky. This change signals the natural evolution of the brand and is closely aligned with the core values of the business.

BlueSky joins forces with the team at Horizon Digital

Over the years, BlueSky has continued to evolve, and as of the 1st of May 2023 we officially joined forces with Horizon Digital  . With a strong alignment in our values and passion for delivering high-quality tech solutions, merging with Horizon Digital made perfect sense. Our expanded team of 70 people means we're now one of the largest Perth-based businesses specialising in custom software development and technology consulting. Bringing our teams together means we can now offer our clients greater software solutions, additional services, and improved tech support.