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Ditching their third party software and developing a their own IP has taken this company into a more profitable market.

Epicuest | Start-up Development | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Sector: Marketing
Digital communication for schools and interactive parent engagement tools.
Established in 2007


Epicuest (formerly EON Digital Labs), provide businesses with digital marketing services, websites and innovative communication opportunities, using beacon technology.


Founders' Billy Bowyer and Scotty Thomas were already leaders in their field, but were looking for a simple solution to their email distribution process. They saw the potential to integrate email, mobile and beacon marketing into a simple system, but need expert help to make this idea a reality.


The team at Epicuest were already using BlueSky for custom development projects, so it was a natural fit that they would turn to them with their new idea.


The motto at BlueSky is, 'if you can think of it, then we can develop it' and this proved true for Epicuest.

The transformation has been phenomenal and Epicuest have gone from a web agency offering email marketing, to a software service business, offering products to an entirely different market.

How we helped

When Billy first approached us, we were excited to explore the Epicuest wish list. It's our creative sweet spot, making connections between the vision a client presents (the blue sky idea) and the possibilities of fusing this with technology to bring it to life. It's holding this open, creative and expansive space for ideas in our Start Up Development program that makes it such an exciting service to offer.

And for the Epicuest project, we did just that!

We created a wish list, analysed the current problems and built out the concept for a new software system. We are future thinkers, so we were able to bring in a different perspective and develop a scalable system that was both user friendly and product driven.

Exploratory meeting
where we brainstorm possibilities
Scope the custom platform
and agree paramenters
and deliver the new system

Epicuest went from a small web agency to a tech start-up company in a global market!

The transformation for Epicuest is huge, completely changing their business model. This change enabled them to double their business with a single client and new client acquisition is increasing year on year. They've gone from 40 accounts using their platform to 300!

Epicuest went global, so can you!

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