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The Vacation Care program was a minefield until BlueSky developed an automated system

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OSH Club can't imagine how they used to manage without their new systems!

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OSH Club
Sector: Education
Before and After School Care, Vacation Programs


OSH Club provides before and after school care and vacation programs to children throughout Australia. Serving over 40,000 families at over 400 schools nationally, the systems and programs used are crucial to the smooth delivery of their service.


Operations Manager Linh Diep and Program Manager, Michelle Alexander, knew that automating their systems would improve service delivery, supplier management and workflows.


BlueSky began developing a new system that would give OSH Club a top-down view when managing their vacation care programs.


The booking tool 'Program Connect' has revolutionised the system, allowing all centres to centrally access approved suppliers, programs and planning tools. The tool has become the go-to resource and allows the company to manage compliance and store historical documentation in one simple system.

How we helped

When OSH Club approached us to automate and improve their systems for their vacation care programs, we could see the positive impact the right system would have on their business.

They wanted to manage bookings, transport and approved vendors across 130 locations to improve the quality of their programs and increase internal efficiencies.

We developed the system using a build, test, fix and release model of delivery, which evolved based on user feedback. Michelle and Linh worked very closely with Tim, our project manager, to manage communication. Tim has a unique skill set, in that he can talk tech, but equally understands the business implications and can explain this to the development team.

The project is transitioning from the development phase to the maintenance phase and Michelle and Linh see the benefits it brings to the daily operations of the business. They now have a central location where all Vacation Care information is visible, increasing quality control, supplier management and program delivery.

Discovery meeting
to brainstorm possibilities
Map system requirements
and establish scope
Launch live system
with ongoing support

OSH Club saved time, reduced costs and improved compliance!

The system, 'Program Connect', has saved OSH Club time, money and increased compliance. It provides a full catalogue of available service providers, which are vetted by head office. This means local centres have full access to the available providers, their activities and availabilities. On top of this, there are templates for themes, activities and documents that centres can use.

From a compliance perspective, the tool has simplified the workflow for risk management and allows OSH Club to maintain their strong focus on documentation.

OSH Club streamlined their systems, could you do the same?

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