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Business Key Director, Les Waugh, needed to give his print directory the digital kiss of life.

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App Development helped Goldfields Key reinvent their business model to adapt to demand.

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Business Key
Sector: Advertising, Marketing, Printing
Regional Advertising
Established in 1993


The Goldfields Key Directory is practically an institution in the Goldfields and Esperance region. After printing over 1.5 million directories, mining maps and wall planners Business Key Director, Les Waugh, knew that the reign of print was coming to an end.


Les had a loyal customer base who trusted his advertising experience and he wanted to help them move to an online platform that would bring them even more benefits. However, he didn't want to just duplicate the same model in a digital form, he wanted to bring cutting edge technology to his regional clients.


Les had worked with Amel in the past on his first website and was sure he would be the guy to take his beloved directory digital. He took his idea to the team and it wasn't long before they were cooking up whole new business model.


Les has way more than a digital directory on offer! His clients can now benefit form a mobile app, beacon technology, websites and digital marketing services. Les has opened the door to a scalable business model that has secured the future of Business Key from print to digital.

How we helped

Les approached us a vision for a fully digitalised Goldfields Key directory and we were excited to help deliver this. After initial discussions, we were able to build on the initial idea, helping Les to offer more than directory and website services.

We suggested the Goldfields Key be delivered as a mobile App too which was a game changer for Les. From here, Les could consider integrating this with Beacon Technology and really taking the business to a whole new level.

Les knew the potential of digital marketing and was delighted with the new scope which meant he could help his customers get online with professional websites, apps and proximity marketing systems.

Exploratory meeting
where we brainstorm possibilities
Scope the project
and agree paramenters
and deliver the new system

Goldfields Key took their regional directory and created a scalable digital business model!

From print and advertising to apps and beacons, the Goldfields Key continues to be the go-to local directory, only now it's small enough to fit a back pocket!

Business Key launched an app, so can you!

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