Time Conti Sheffield

Cindy needed an effortless system that would update multiple real estate platforms.

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The team are relieved to finally get their website to do what it should!

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Time Conti Sheffield
Sector: Real Estate
Real estate and property management in Perth
Established in 1952


Time Conti Sheffield have been delivering exceptional service in real estate since 1952. In this time they have witnessed firsthand the changes technology has brought to the industry, and the frustrations that came with them.


Time Conti Sheffield were building a new website which had specific requirements. They needed their property listings to feed into various real estate portals and frustratingly it just wasn't happening.


BlueSky came recommended as trustworthy developers who 'knew their stuff'. Cindy contacted Amel and explained the problem. It didn't take the team long to locate the problem and find a solution.


Cindy and her team are delighted with the new website with its seamless integrations and user-friendly front end.

How we helped

When Cindy approached us we could see that her frustrations stemmed from coding issues. On further exploration, it was clear that their existing system was built using outdated technology by developers who didn't have any custom coding experience. This had led to a back-end mess, and frustration for Cindy who was simply trying to get her website to do what was promised.

We used the latest technologies to build a simple solution, that did what it should. Cindy and her team were able to list their properties on their website, and the new coding meant they seamlessly integrated with the major online property sites.

Exploratory meeting
where we identify the problem
of website and custom coding
Ongoing website support
and development

Time Conti have a simple system that saves them time!

In real estate the online property listings are the lifeblood of the business. As a result of BlueSky's development work, Time Conti Sheffield have a website that works seamlessly, saves time and helps the team meet their deadlines.

BlueSky have continued their work with Cindy, supporting their growth with increased website and marketing functionality.

Time Conti increased productivity, could you do the same?

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