Norup Wilson

Directors John Norup and Dave Wilson wanted a seamless system that would set them apart.

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Ideas Lab cooked up a recipe that kept Norup & Wilson ahead of the competition!

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Norup Wilson
Sector: Property Development
Developing high end apartments


Norup + Wilson is a boutique development company based in Perth. They specialise in high-end owner-occupied apartments. The business is founded by Directors John Norup and Dave Wilson, who strive to stay at the cutting edge of design and technology to deliver the highest quality product.


The brand needed to distinguish itself in the market place with a unique USP, that encapsulated the high-end product and iconic design.


After connecting with BlueSky, Dave and John wanted to tackle first things first and started with their website. Once they had got this right, they had a bigger vision for creating the wow factor in their business.


Dave and John have never looked back. The successful website development was the first of many projects and we've been helping Norup + Wilson for over 6 years now. Each new project positions their organisation as leaders in their fields, delivering technological excellence that sets them apart.

How we helped

Originally Dave and John were struggling to find a developer capable of implementing a website design to a specific set of specifications. They had custom requirements, a design they loved which needed to act and function a certain way. They had already been through two companies that had failed to make it work before finding us.

Our team delivered their website within two weeks! Needless to say, they were delighted and have since continued to bring new and innovative ideas to us, to see what we can do.

Exploring ideas with Dave and John has always been a collaborative process. Over the last 6 years we've helped them to seamlessly integrate technology at every touch point of their business, from high-tech TV display screens that link to smart phones to an enhanced the customer after sales experience.

Exploratory meeting
where we brainstorm possibilities
of custom designs, systems and integrations
support and maintenance

Norup + Wilson have expanded!

Our team enabled John and Dave to create a more flexible business model, which has not made them more efficient, but also provided a clear point of difference for their business.

The technological innovations created by our BlueSky has set Norup + Wilson apart from their competitors and demonstrated they walk their talk when it comes to high end tech.

Norup+Wilson stand-out from the crowd, could you do the same?

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