Director Tim Antonievich knew his existing system was ready for an upgrade and asked for our help.

System Integration
BlueSky Perth System Integration

Developing a cloud based system for this traditional technology increased revenue dramatically!

DCCM RADAr | System Integration | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Sector: Maintenance Services
Oil & Gas, Civil Construction
Established in 2010


RADAr is a job-based management system that allows DCCM to connect the right people, with the right jobs, across a vast area. RADAr stands for RESOURCE, ACTION, DATA, AREA and REPORTS, is a multi-disciplined, multi area job management system.


The RADAr software had been evolving over time and Director Tim Antonievich had a vision for the next version. He wanted to provide clients with access to the system, but as things stood this was not possible.


Tim reached out to Amel to discuss upgrading the system to make it live and responsive in real time for clients.


The team at Sidra Blue developed RADAr Live. Upon implementation, Tim saw immediate results with increased efficiencies. The business has grown against market trends, increasing turnover by 20%.

How we helped

When Tim approached us to discuss taking RADAr online, we were delighted to work with a team who had such an in-depth knowledge of their software.

RADAr was developed in by a committed team who were determined to fit the right people to the right jobs. Starting out with a phone book and an excel spreadsheet, it was built meticulously to represent the people available to fill the roles required.

The first incarnation took the RADAr system to a level of evolution that meant it could be used to run the business, but was server based.

When we got involved RADAr was ready to move to the Live version. We collaborated with the team to build their upgraded system, which was delivered on time and budget.

Discovery meeting
to brainstorm possibilities
Map system requirements
and establish scope
Launch live system
with ongoing support

DCCM increased their turnover by 20%!

After implementing RADAr Live, DCCM have seen increased efficiencies, which has cut costs. They grew against the market trend and have reported a 20% increase in turnover which can be attributed to the introductions of the software upgrade.

DCCM grew, so can you!

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