System Integration

Simplify your systems, get them talking and take your integrations to the next level

BlueSky Perth System Integration

What is System Integration?

System Integration turns isolated software into unified systems that talk to each other, which means your business operations flow seamlessly. Are you:

Frustrated with stubborn systems that won't talk to each other
Struggling with inefficiencies due to system quirks
Searching for business analytics with a dashboard view

As your business evolves, your systems need to grow and change to meet new demands. Old systems often need 'work-arounds' to compensate for their inability to talk to each other. Not only is this frustrating, but it leads to wasted hours filling the integration gap.

How System Integration helps

System Integration is the middleware that connects your systems, enabling them to speak the same language. Whether you're looking to simplify your accounts, workflows or customer communication, we help take your current business systems to a whole new level.

Here are a few examples:

From Excel spreadsheets
to a Cloud Based system
email marketing with automated systems
Turning clunky
booking systems into seamless workflows

When you develop a custom system, you're investing in more than system efficiency. You're building the Intellectual Property which adds long term value to your operations, and because we us open source code you'll always have complete ownership of your IP (and there's no licensing fees either!).

How does it work?

System Development begins with a Discovery Meeting, where we'll ask you to imagine your ideal outcome, this is what we refer to a blue-sky idea.

From here we'll map out what's possible (most of the time if you can imagine it, we can do it)!

Discovery meeting
where we explore your idea
Scoping and proposal
where we outline the milestones
Development phase
where we turn your idea into a reality

Why choose BlueSky for System Integration?

At BlueSky we've been developing customer systems for 6 years. Our team have the technical expertise and commercial awareness to help you develop a system that has the potential to increase the value in your business and beyond. Many of our clients have licenced their custom systems and created additional streams of revenue as a result.

Our process

5 step process of System Integration


Our work

SchoolZine | System Integration | BlueSky Perth
System Integration accelerates growth

Multiple systems and third party integrations were slowing this company down. A custom system that integrated all the elements of their workflow was the answer for Schoolzine, who estimate they've made savings of $40K per month thanks to BlueSky's work.

DCCM RADar | System Integration | BlueSky Perth
System Integration ramps up operations

Great systems grow from a need to find a more efficient way of doing things in your business and DCCM are a perfect example of this. Their job allocation system started in an Excel spreadsheet and grew organically with the company. Soon it needed a new iteration, to digital and from there to cloud based technology. We helped DCCM take it to the next level, read their story here.

Our promises to you

Control | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
we use open source code which means you own the code, have control and freedom to choose how you manage this in the future.
Transparency | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
we build every solution using open source license free software, so you'll never pay a licensing fee to us or anyone else.
Support | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
we'll never leave you high and dry, you'll always have the option to engage us for ongoing support and maintenance.
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