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Les and Lana Waugh, Business Key


Les and Lana Waugh, from Business Key, catching up with our directors in our BlueSky office this morning.

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Les and Lana Waugh, Business Key | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

Les was a client of the former company our directors were employed at, more than ten years ago - and with both holding senior positions during that time working with Les, a relationship was fostered - and Les was more than eager to work with BlueSky when our directors started the company.

The new team at BlueSky has found it easy to cultivate an even better relationship with both Les and Lana, and we provided Business Key with an online Regional Business Directory system they were very happy with. But as 2020 rolls on, upgrades and new functionalities are needed to stay ahead of the game - so it looks like our web system and app developers will have a few late nights the next few weeks!

Thank you to both Les and Lana for making it easy for us - and here's to another 10 more (and beyond) years!

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3 years ago
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