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Benefits of Automating in your business


Today we are going to talk about why you should automate your software practices in your business and the benefits of doing this.

As we know technology is improving every single day and this means there is more of an opportunity to use this to your advantage, especially in the business world.

Scale workloads without scaling staff

We are starting with workload automation, which is defined as when tasks are scheduled and managed with a piece of software. The software steps in to reduce the data entry time and by using a computer to do this high-volume work it is done in a quicker timeframe.

Therefore, in the simplest terms, it is using software to add the element of automation of business tasks. When tasks are automated this means staff can do different tasks within the business and without the business owner having to employ more staff.

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Benefits of Automating in your business | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

Improve customer experience

When a company provides great customer service you remember this and are likely to return.

When you have higher-touch interactions with your customers through automation this automatically improves customer service. Using technology such as machine learning and natural language processing allows a business to understand the customer and what they are looking for.

As a customer receiving automated experience it’s great as you get quality sales interactions, great experience during the purchasing journey and after-sales or if you continue as a longer-term customer the regular updates when they are required. These simple parts of the interactions can be taken over by a machine and leave the staff for the other parts of the customer journey.

Instead of making your customer wait for ages for an answer to their query, staying on hold for a long time by automating this the customer gets what they require quicker. The brand has a better reputation, happier customers, and less stressed staff too.

Self-reliant employees

This is a huge benefit to the business as when employees have the right technology at their fingertips such as apps and systems, their questions and queries are answered quickly. This means they can get on with their jobs with ease

The assistance of automation through AI and things like chatbots allow them to have the knowledge accessible to them straight away when they need assistance.

One area that could be automated within a business is some of the HR areas. Such as onboarding a new employee by having most of their onboarding lessons within a learning management system. The system is automated and notifies the HR consultant when the tasks are completed and the new employee has access to look back over the documents at any time.

This is just one area of the business where automation can benefit the employees.

Technological superiority

When you have the technology advantage your business stands out from the crowd. If you have 2 businesses in the same industry that serve very similar clients. One is technologically advanced with all its business systems, processes, and procedures in place. The other is lagging with their technology meaning more manual data entry, human errors might happen (say with orders) and the user experience is completely different.

Which business would you choose? Very likely the one that has a great user experience for the customer, so this is why having technological superiority is so important.

As you can see automation is incredibly important for brands and businesses for many different reasons. These are just a few different reasons why you should look to automate.

Rebecca Ruiz | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Rebecca Ruiz
2 years ago
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