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Semantic UI for website


For the first time in over 10 years, I built a client (front facing) website using an actual framework. Over the years, I've gained enough experience to use my own custom framework that fits both the front end and our custom back end systems.

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Semantic UI for website | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

But with BlueSky moving to use React as our "main framework", Semantic UI seems to be the "best" for the presentation layer, thanks to its excellent documentation - where any styling work done by our developers hardly need any input from me.

Arthouse Joondalup

With the new and improved Arthouse Joondalup website that just went live, it needed to pull data for its apartments and floorplans via their CRM. And since the design was a pretty straight forward design to implement (for me), I figured now would be the best time to make use of Semantic UI for the frontend too, making the (coding) transition from the backend to the frontend all the more "seamless".

Even though it took slightly longer than if I were using my own framework, I was quite pleased with the overall time it took to finish the whole site. So I definitely will be sticking with Semantic UI for all of future websites we at BlueSky will implement.

PS. I highly recommend Fomantic UI, which is a fork of Semantic UI.

Rizal Farok | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Rizal Farok
4 years ago
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