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New Frogponds website now live


The new Frogponds website ( ) is now live.

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New Frogponds website now live | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

Its a small site designed by my 2 padawans, uses our custom CMS, the PageSpeed Insights score is decent, and .. I created my first CSS image sprite in ages.

Over the course of my 15 years (professionally) implementing websites, they slowly needed to be more "user content driven" - user has control over almost all images used on their site through the admin system. So while you can easily create sprites for UI elements - creating one to cater for user uploaded content is almost impossible, since it will require the user to have the know-how.

And yes, while sprites are still used - like for icon libraries, etc - you don't create them. You just use them. Furthermore, most modern designs these days do not have that much of a "complicated" or "graphically heavy" type of design.

Likewise, the new Frogponds website.

But this one section on the homepage, the staff images at the bottom - those bubbles. Yes they're small and its only 4 of them. But I figured I might as well create an image sprite for it since I can reduce 4 HTTP requests to just 1.

So yeah. CSS image sprites. I've missed creating you. but I also don't miss you. Will I be creating more sprites for future websites? Not sure, to be honest, because again, its down to the design, and really, how much effort you have allocated time for to make a website speed much quicker.

Rizal Farok | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Rizal Farok
3 years ago
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