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New company shirts and Team BlueSky additions

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Our new company shirts have arrived, and we have them in two color variations. And here are BlueSky's recent team additions, Daniel Lambert and Brady Clements modelling the shirts off.

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New company shirts and Team BlueSky additions | BlueSky Perth

Daniel (L) joins the BlueSky team as a Software Engineer. He specialises in algorithmic solutions and creative problem solving. His interests include travel, learning and socialising, as well as a passion for AFL and basketball.

Brady (R) is our Busines Development Manager, and also does some of BlueSky's front end web development work. He He loves design, as well as meeting new people and creating relationships (usually over coffee). In his spare time Brady in an avid film photographer, as well as competitive powerlifter and a Netflix binge watcher.


Meet the rest of team

Team BlueSky | BlueSky Perth
Team BlueSky
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