"The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it."
Terry Pratchet, Diggers

Is Innovation key to Business Success?


What does Innovation, Business, and Sales mean for your organisation?

SUCCESS, if you get it right!

How? By aligning all aspects of the business; technology, people and process.

We're going to focus on the technology side of things. It appears that every business owner out there is wanting to replace people with technology. They use phrases like 'I need to make my business more efficient'. Or 'there has to be a better way' or, 'if only I had three more people exactly like me, the business would be successful'.

Being in business is hard work, and you sometimes just don't know where to look to find the right answers to the challenges or problems you're facing. So, the next thing that happens is you suddenly have an epiphany that technology is the answer. A tremendous guiding light from above is shining down on you, and you have the answer... TECHNOLOGY!

Ok, so now you have the answer, what happens? You do some research and find out that technology has many variations, hundreds of variations, thousands, and it doesn't stop. Searching like you're Indiana Jones looking for the lost ark. Heaven forbid, I need to get some work done!

Oh, now somebody says you have to be innovative. Being innovative is the key to success. Now you have to be the next Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison and become THE innovator within your industry. Technology PLUS innovation is the key….. are you feeling you're getting closer to the lost ark?

Then suddenly the calvalry arrives, the almighty sales department which delivers the final crushing blow stating that SALES will save the day. Oh great, now I have to think about thousands of variations for technology, innovate like I'm a mad scientist and make sure I have a system that sells, sells, sells.


Anxiety, stress, beads of sweat appear whilst trying to run the business. Who do you turn to?

BlueSky Digital Labs, of course.

We hear this every day. Yes, technology is essential when operating a business nowadays; however, it's not the only thing. It's critical to understand how technology will be used to create efficiencies, streamline processes, integrate departments or teams. And most importantly, how it helps deliver your service or product to your customers.

Technology is a tool. It's not the saviour to your problems, but it can help deliver solutions that are more beneficial to your clients. Apps, integrated websites, e-commerce and much more can help you, and your organisation achieve outstanding results that add benefit to end-users.

It's our job (and passion) to help you have a clear path and strategy when you're trying to integrate technology within the business. BlueSky are innovators, and we have a local team of experts that all have our clients' best interests at heart, always!

You don't have to be an Indiana Jones, Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison to have a great business. Still, you do need a great technology partner.

Team BlueSky | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Team BlueSky
3 years ago
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