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Frogponds online sourcing platform


Frogponds' new and improved online sourcing platform, is now live.

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Frogponds online sourcing platform | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

The BlueSky team took on the old Frogponds procurement system about a year ago, and has since upgraded its codebase to run on ReactJS, while giving the interface a fresh new facelift with an improved user experience.

The system is still the same great free service for Frogponds' school users, now with added profile and advertising features for providers - but is now available in a Software package as a service option for associations and governing bodies.

The new 'pond partner' option allows networks to customise their purchasing portal and gain insights into their sourcing.

Joining the Frogponds national pond is easy - you can sign up via or contact them for more information on creating your own pond by sending an email to

Team BlueSky | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Team BlueSky
3 years ago
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