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Advantages of Custom Software Development


In our industry, the question we get often asked is custom software development for us? If you have a look at any type of industry everyone has a unique way of positioning their products and services. The way the business sells their products, the customer relationship management system that stores all their data, the internal system for their staff which is unique to their industry, and more.

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Advantages of Custom Software Development | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

When you customise a piece of software based on the business needs it allows flexibility as this works exactly how you would like it, the look and design is customised based on your business needs and wants while improving the customer experience.

I want to use the analogy of building a house, you have 2 options:

  • You go to a building company and look at their house plans, choose one that suits you directly from the plan, you can tweak it slightly but mostly it's set in stone.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a fully customised experience by engaging with an architect and a builder. Telling them what you would like your house to look like, the layout, the design, and the functionality based on the individual's needs.

This is exactly same for software development the only difference is we are replacing the house with a new customised software system, application, or mobile application.

Let's get into the advantages of choosing custom software, also often referred to as tailor-made or bespoke software.

  1. Targeted Solutions

    Every single business is different and having your own tailor-made product means you address the exact needs of your business or the needs of the customers that will be using the software. It allows growth and space to move with your product.
  2. Flexibility

    The advantage of going down the customisation route is flexibility as it's your product. As we build this from scratch you have input every single step of the way from the placement of screens and buttons, the design, the functionality, and the automation. The bonus is at any time you can update this and make changes based on the users and target market's requirements. Also, you have the opportunity to amend and add on.
  3. Uniqueness

    Like I mentioned above every single business is different and the way each person runs their business will be different from someone else in the same industry. This is why building software allows you to have the freedom to be unique in your approach and be aligned with your personal working model.
  4. Product Opportunity

    Not everyone that builds custom software is looking for an internal system or application. Building your own software product is your business and this is to be positioned in the market for customers looking for a solution to their problems. Product development is a booming industry and if you do your research software development is very high on the list.
  5. Cost effective

    Most people would ask is this a cost-effective option? Well, initially you are going to have to put some money into building the foundation which is the scoping and the first phase of development to get your system or application up and running. After this is done it is cheaper because you don't have all the licensing fees to pay because you own it. Also, you can white label this to other organisations if you are looking to market it as a product outside your organisation.
  6. Software Integration

    Let's be honest software needs to the built for the opportunity to be integrated into other systems. Think of the main accounting software's as a good example. With your software this is built accordantly so integrating the systems you choose with will be done with ease. When you are using off-the-shelf products some of these don't have the option to integrate which is always worth looking at.
  7. Customisation

    When talking customisation you can add your wish list, do your research with your customer's requirements and design the software exactly how you would like. The main benefits which we have already gone into on the other points. The product is you own, the functionality is based your needs, your design/branding and the opportunity to change anything at any time.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving every single day, so why not have customised software solutions unique to your business and customers.

Rebecca Ruiz | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Rebecca Ruiz
2 years ago
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