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A picture book written in code, on Kickstarter

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A Day in Code - a picture book written in code.

This Kickstarter campaign is definitely something we at BlueSky can get behind. It is a picture book for kids to learn or train to think in real world logical (code) concepts - and based on the previews so far, it sure looks like a fun way to help kids start learning, or be interested in coding!

"Coding is an important and popular skill in education. The book A Day in Code by Shari Eskenas is a super fun way to help kids understand the connections of coding (and logical thinking) to everyday life!"
- Chris Woods, teacher, podcaster, & creator of Daily STEM

From what we have seen so far, it sure looks like an interesting and fun way for kids to get into programming.

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A picture book written in code, on Kickstarter | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development

"Each code page contains a full and complete C program that introduces a different C programming concept. Each program in the book can be compiled with a C compiler and run on your computer! There are many free C compilers available online. Each program in the book contains a printf() function that prints text to your screen. You can play around with the code and change numbers if you want (like ordering 15 pizzas instead of 5)."

And the reason C langauge was chosen by the authors for this (which we agree with) is because C is "a widely used foundational language and is known as the 'mother of all programming languages' because so many languages (such as C++ and Java) are derived from it. C's logical concepts and syntax are applicable to other languages. Common applications of C programming include databases, desktop applications, operating systems, computer games/graphics, and embedded systems."

Find out more about this campaign here - and if you are feeling just as excited as we are for this picture book, be sure to back it!

Team BlueSky | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Team BlueSky
3 years ago

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