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Unlock the answers hidden in your data and find solutions in your organisation's IP

BlueSky Perth Data Science

What is Data Science?

Data Science helps organisations find practical solutions using complex data. To analyse the data mathematical models are created that can be then be used to make predictions, forecast variables and understand complex events.

Is Data Science right for your organisation?

Have you got heaps of data you don't know what to do with
Do you believe the answers must lie 'in there' somewhere
Do you want a risk-free data assessment

If your organisation has a long history of collecting data and is looking to find new solutions to problems that involve predicting outcomes or forecasting variable or understanding complex phenomena, then chances are our Data Scientist can help.

Unlock the answers hidden in your data

With advancing digital technology more and more data is collected by organisations, governments and businesses. But...

This data often lies dormant in the archives; however, it can hold the key to new patterns, predictions and solutions that can change lives. The challenge is, knowing how to unlock this potential and that's where we can help.

5 ways Data Science benefits your business:

Informed faster decisions
making using predictive patterns in data sets
Improve strategic planning
using data to model alternative futures
Reduce the human cost
with predictive modelling in health and human services
Accelerate business innovation
with new solutions to old problems
Deliver business growth
with improved efficiencies, processes and workflows

How does it work?

Your journey into Data Science begins with a risk-free data assessment. This consultation is where we learn about your objectives, your business and the nature of the data you have. From here we'll advise whether Data Science will meet your needs.

Risk free
exploratory session to evaluate data
Mathematical modelling
implemented and validated
Development of modelling
tool for practical application

Why choose BlueSky for Data Science?

Our Data Science specialist has worked with international Governments, global minerals and resource companies and local businesses. What have these diverse organisations got in common? They're overwhelmed with data!

When you choose Blue Sky, you're getting a world class Data Scientist, Jose Saavedra-Rosas, whose real world experience makes him an asset to your team. Add to this the team of software developers who are experienced in creating customer systems to manage, integrate and synthesise your data and you can see the powerful combination this gives you.

Our process

3 pillars of Data Science

our strategic approach keeps your business objectives top of mind
our mathematical modelling explores the underlying factors and finds the links
our team deliver actionable results that move your business forward

Our work

Government | Data Science | BlueSky Perth
Shorter wait times thanks to Data Science
International Government Agency

The human services department of an International Government knew their processing times were causing unnecessary hardship for people waiting for financial support. They asked our Data Science team to help harness the power of their massive data set to find patterns, make predictions and create a better outcome for citizens.

Logistics | Data Science | BlueSky Perth
This logistical nightmare was solved with Data Science
International Logistics Provider

A large logistics company couldn't shift its bottlenecks in distribution, but they had a hunch their data could shed some light. Our Data Science team were called in and used mathematical modelling to solve their problem.

Mining | Data Science | BlueSky Perth
Data Science improves strategic decision making
Australian Resources Company

Supply and demand variables were wreaking havoc on this Global Mining Organisation when it came to predicting production volumes. They knew the secret to better strategic decision making was in their historical data and engaged our Data Science team to help.

Our service promises

Control | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
we use open source code which means you own the code, have control and freedom to choose how you manage this in the future.
Transparency | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
we build every solution using open source license free software, so you'll never pay a licensing fee to us or anyone else.
Support | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
we'll never leave you high and dry, you'll always have the option to engage us for ongoing support and maintenance.
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