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Jose Fernando Saavedra-Rosas, Chief Data Scientist | BlueSky Perth Custom Web + App Development
Jose Fernando Saavedra-Rosas
Chief Data Scientist

Jose Fernando Saavedra-Rosas
Chief Data Scientist

Jose joins BlueSky as Chief Data Scientist. His role involves analysing data, creating mathematical models and using those models to predict or forecast variables that help organisations understand complex events.

Jose has an impressive academic record, graduating in Mathematical Engineering and going on to complete his Masters in Operations Management at the University of Chile. He went on to a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Engineering, studying at the University in Ontario, Canada.

Jose was well placed to step into the life of an accomplished academic, but his passion for problem solving in real world situations meant he was an ideal fit for consultancy work. He found a common affinity with the philosophy, values and work ethic at BlueSky and was invited to join the team in 2018.

The BlueSky development team work hand in glove with Jose, using his mathematical models to develop Business Intelligence Solutions, which are backed by the ability to develop bespoke platforms, dashboards and business automation tools.

Described by friends and colleagues as straight-talking, funny and loyal, Jose enjoys reading, music and finding mindful moments to reflect. A family man, Jose lives locally with his wife, son and two cats.